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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

NexTenna was formed by a group of Visionaries aiming to change the world as we know it, NexTenna has developed a base Technology 
That would enable global connectivity to everyone everywhere 

Space Satellite

Our Story

Our Founder was involved within Google in the early stages of designing a new satellite network that aimed to bridge the digital divide basically enabling direct access to the Internet to the 3.5 Billion people that do not have access today around the world. After solving problem number one which was reducing the cost of the satellite to sub $1M, so a network of hundreds of satellites would be feasible, He struggled with the making the Phased Array User Terminal Cheap, Low Power and Efficient, which was a major challange, and By Forming NexTenna winning Team This challange was solved and Today  we are in a race to take that into mass production delivering the only sub 1000 Phased Array SATCOM Terminal with 1GBps data Rate and lowest service cost sub $50 per month 

Meet The Team

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