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nexTenna Phased Array Antenna Technology is the Key enabler for providing:

Internet from Space, delivering the smallest form factor,

lowest power consumption, Terminal Cost and Spectral efficiency;

making the Mega Constellations Dream a reality


Unique Group of researchers and  Innovators in diverse Engineering and scientific disciplines. We have experts covering Materials science, Electro-Magentics, Electrical Engineering and AI software, That group is designing and building the most advanced wireless and SaTcom communication systems the Industry has ever seen 


nexTenna LEO

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The world's most advanced antenna technology. NexTenna, through years of fundamental research and development, has invented and built an incredibly Thin™,extremely low power, low cost, high rate of production, rapidly steering flat panel antenna technology. NexTenna is a fast growing company developing unique wireless communication systems for various applications, ranging from cellular systems and products (current and 5G) to Wi-Fi access point, including our flag ship products  Ku and Ka User Terminals for Providing Internet from Space.

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